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WTB: Sailor Minni Moon :) :)

I'm strapped for time this year for anime detour. >.< college is taking alot of that time.  so thats why ......  

I'm looking for a Large sized sailor mini moon cosplay costume. 
large as in B: 38 W:32 ?
or sized 12 dress. 

Anything i can wear my chibi usa wig with. I'd love for a really nice looking Super salior mini moon costume to own. <3 it'll get loved. 
i'm not thinking of taking a comission....

chibi moon ondangoes, 
earings (serenity kind that have the floating moons or chibi usa's kind). 
a fuku tiara. 
gems/pearls (for supers). 

but my price range would range from 50-$150 + shipping ? if your looking to free some space in your closet, and help me out! it'd be all appriciated!!!! 
lower end would be you have the supplies and haven't made it ~> to being in the process and haven't finished ~> totally finished and is collecting dust. 
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While I don't have a complete Chibi Moon costume, I do have some accessories you can add to one, which could make your life easier. I have the back bow and sleeves, which are the hardest part of the costume and I also have the earrings, tiara, and choker.
Another good place to look for costumes is at a thrift store/Goodwill. If you have one of those nearby they are always worth looking into. I can say that very freely. At the Thrift Town down here in Texas it's where I found my Princess Saturn costume. It was totally a fated encounter finding it too. It was beyond perfect even down to the indigo color of the dress to it having a purple shine to it. It was an amazing find.
I hope this helps you out. Good luck!