the merechynist (jess) wrote in sm_cosplay,
the merechynist

WTB: tiara, odango covers, gloves for cosplay

I'm looking for the following items to complete a Sailor Chibimoon costume for Halloween:

1. gold tiara with red gem
2. odango covers + wing-like hair pins
3. gloves

So if anyone makes these items or wants to sell theirs, please negotiate with me~

I will also consider other items relevant to the costume. :) Thanks!
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This site has really good Sailor Moon tiaras.

Here is Rini's tiara:

You can ask her for other stuff as well since Sailor Moon is her specialty. I have gotten all my tiaras for my friends and myself from her as well as my Saturn earrings. Here is the link to the main site:

I hope this helps.
I can also say that I love Moonprism tiaras! I've used hers before and they are priced right and look great!
Indeed they are. You can probably ask her about the hair clips or check around on Ebay. That's where I found some for my friend who did Chibimoon as well. They were so cute.
Aww. If it like 10 days away, I would have made them for you. :(
...If it wasn't 10 days away^ (wow :|)
Our troupe always hits a local independent bridal store for our gloves. White gloves are pretty much a bridal staple.
Hey I run If you buy a tiara today an live in the USA, I could have it to you by Halloween morning.
I actually found a tiara before I learned of your site, but yours look beautiful! Do you have any odango shields?
what are the little tiaras? and how much to ship?