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Eternal fuku sleeves/glove help?

so i've run into a few snags on my Eternal Sailor Chibimoon cosplay. first of all, the pink puffy sleeves [using a picture of Sailormoon since it's a clearer picture] -- i'm not sure how to make them completely circular. i want them to be kind of pillow-like; so i was thinking of stuffing the sleeves with batting?
another problem i have is the rings around the gloves and puffy sleeves. what would be the best way to go about making these? i've already tried sewing the my fabric down its length to try to create the cylindrical feel to it but i did it twice and they didn't come out as nicely as i wanted to -- and when i tried to take the fabric and sew it together into part of the sleeve, it became flattened and didn't retain a circular shape.

if you have any experience in making these and can give me any help, i'd really appreciate it~! either comment here, message me, or email me at chiibiusa at gmail dot com :) thanks so much!!

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