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Sailor Moon Land [19 Jan 2012|05:12pm]


Come play! I love this community-- it's set up as team-based battles. You win points for your team with writing and graphics challenges as well as completing puzzles, games, and activities. It's really a lot of fun. You can participate as much or as little as you want (as long as you do 2 activities or voting every 2 weeks). Or you can join as a social member and only participate when something really strikes your fancy.

Here's where to join. http://sailormoonland.livejournal.com/66996.html
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SM Cosplay accessories [11 Jan 2012|03:57pm]


I just listed 15 new items to our Etsy, all of which are Sailor Moon cosplay related. Please check them out and feel free to spread the word. We are Starlit Creations on Etsy.

Thanks, everyone!
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WTB: Sailor Minni Moon :) :) [15 Feb 2011|02:04am]

items collecting dust? Collapse )
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WTB: tiara, odango covers, gloves for cosplay [21 Oct 2010|04:02am]

I'm looking for the following items to complete a Sailor Chibimoon costume for Halloween:

1. gold tiara with red gem
2. odango covers + wing-like hair pins
3. gloves

So if anyone makes these items or wants to sell theirs, please negotiate with me~

I will also consider other items relevant to the costume. :) Thanks!
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Usagi Wig For Sale [05 Oct 2010|03:39pm]

I'm selling my old Usagi wig. $80 shipped. It -is- used, so please make sure you read the details before deciding. :D

Usagi Wig Front
Details and more pictures here.
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Commissions slots open. [29 Sep 2010|04:35pm]

I have a few slots open for commissions! I'll be taking what I can until it's time for us to move. If you're interested, you can find more information on my LiveJournal or my deviantArt account. :D
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Selling SeraMyu Classic Moon Fuku [20 Aug 2010|10:41am]

I am in the process of getting rid of a few myu costumes that I do not need anymore.

Firstly, I am selling my SeraMyu Classic Sailor Moon Fuku - $175 shipped ($200 with shoes)
Classic Front

Click for details and more pictures.

Edit: I linked it to my journal, so I can update it easier.
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Sell Sell Sell :] [12 Jun 2010|12:07am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Selling Queen Serenity cosplay!!

Follow the link under the picture!!

Click me!!


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Sailor Moon Cosplayers Wanted 2010 for A-Kon [16 Mar 2010|02:00pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I didn't know if anyone was going to A-Kon this year on here but I figured if I posted this we might find some others that are interested too. This message is posted on A-Kon's website at this link if you have an account with them you can comment on there too. So let me know and there will be photo shoots on Fri and Sat as well. Thanks!

Hello I will be going to A-Kon this year in my Eternal Sailor Saturn costume for all 2 days and maybe on Sunday. I was seeing if there were any other Sailor Moon cosplayers out there that wanted to join me. I don't mine if you are in the original, super, eternal or princess forms it's all the same too me but I think it's always fun to be in the same fukus if possible since it looks good for the photo shoots. Doubles of the senshi are welcome too. Villains are always welcome too and Tuxedo Masks pretty much any character from the series is welcome to join in. Let me know if you are interested. I will update this page regularly when I get people that are interested. Here is just a start on some of the characters. Thanks and hope to see everyone there. Bye for now.

A friend of mine is happy to do a photo shoot for us all. I will let you know the time and place when he tells me.

Fri: 5 by the sky bridge or in it around that time.
Sat: 3pm or whatever we decide on Fri.

Super Sailor Moon - sailormoon4life (maybe)
Super Sailor Mercury - Bluesenshi
Eternal Sailor Mars - open
Super Sailor Jupiter - Kari-san
Original Sailor Venus - Callmeharleypuddin
Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon - open
Haruka (school uniform)/Super Sailor Uranus - harukaplanetpower
Eternal Sailor Neptune - Kahlit (Another one is welcome though since she isn't going to do it all the days)
Eternal Sailor Pluto - open
Eternal Sailor Saturn - Me

Other characters
Tuxedo Mask - Matt
Naruru (Sailor Guccicci) (pic of both here - http://i42.tinypic.com/16jla82.gif) - slrmoonserenity (Fri only)
Ruruna (aka Sailor Channel) - secretletters10 (Fri only)

Double senshi
Princess Serenity - slrmoonserenity (Sat only)
Sailor Mercury - TR Rose

Seiya (concert suit)/Sailor Star Fighter - Laura Roslin
Sailor Star Healer - open
Sailor Star Maker - open
Princess Kakyuu - open

Zoicite - Laura Roslin
Kunzite - harukaplanetpower

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A much better key this time [20 Jan 2010|11:26am]

i really like the new one.

the pink gems don't look pink in the photo but they are.

I custom make these and if you want one they are only 40.00  I ship everywhere

Just email me:  pixelmari@gmail.com


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Just somethigns I have made [15 Dec 2009|04:19pm]

I have made a ton of things but here are just some







more here:
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[28 Oct 2009|09:36pm]

Hi cosplayers! I just started cosplaying for an anime club I joined, and for next month's meeting I was wanting to cosplay Makoto in her school uniform, with her henshin pen.

I've found a tutorial to make a henshin pen, but does anyone have any tips or hint for making her school top? I figured a pleated khaki skirt would be easy to find, but it seems like her shirt should be made by hand.

The jewelry I should be able to find easily enough as well, but does anybody know what kind of shoes she wears with her school uniform?

Thanks a lot for the help!
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Get your own Saturn prop! [19 Aug 2009|06:25am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey everyone! Today is the last day to submit your design for the Saturn henshin wand contest! Winner gets their design created and shipped to them completely free! I will announce the winner on September 2. I only take video submissions as an entry, and it must be an original creation - you can't use someone else's art!

slightly xposted

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Crystal Key! Manga style! [29 Jul 2009|08:22pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

This took a little longer than I expected, which is weird because the anime version is a lot more involved with the bow and whatnot... but I did finally get around to finishing the manga version this evening, so check it out!


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Chibi Usa's Crystal Key [22 Jul 2009|11:50am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I have 29 keys available! This is the anime version, but the manga version is coming soon.

Additional informationCollapse )

Crossposted - sorry if it you see it a lot! <3
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facepalm [02 Jul 2009|06:04pm]

Okay! The raffle is back up! There was some dumb issues with my not knowing how to use PayPal. All fixed!

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TUTORIAL AND RAFFLE [01 Jul 2009|08:20pm]

I've made a brass tiara tutorial!

I'm also holding a raffle for a replica of Princess Kakyuu's incense burner. You can see details here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkIFpn88a1Q

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Eternal fuku sleeves/glove help? [21 Jun 2009|08:15pm]

[ mood | determined ]

so i've run into a few snags on my Eternal Sailor Chibimoon cosplay. first of all, the pink puffy sleeves [using a picture of Sailormoon since it's a clearer picture] -- i'm not sure how to make them completely circular. i want them to be kind of pillow-like; so i was thinking of stuffing the sleeves with batting?
another problem i have is the rings around the gloves and puffy sleeves. what would be the best way to go about making these? i've already tried sewing the my fabric down its length to try to create the cylindrical feel to it but i did it twice and they didn't come out as nicely as i wanted to -- and when i tried to take the fabric and sew it together into part of the sleeve, it became flattened and didn't retain a circular shape.

if you have any experience in making these and can give me any help, i'd really appreciate it~! either comment here, message me, or email me at chiibiusa at gmail dot com :) thanks so much!!

crossposted to cosplay and to costuming; sorry if you see this more than once!

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[18 Jun 2009|03:19pm]


Also, I made a huge announcement regarding http://www.moonprism.com today so you should check tht out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNuEB9wvK-E
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I have Sailor Chibi Moon's Crystal Carillon for cosplay ending today! It has roughly 9 hours left.


It's the only one I have, I'm afraid! I won't have another for several months.

I also have a few pairs of Jupiter's rose earrings left! Be sure to check my other auctions if you're interested in those! Those have quite a few days left.

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